About me

I was born in 1981 in a modest but historical town named Bergamo, not far from the more famous Milano, and since the day that I was born I’ve always been a misfit. I’ve always felt discomfort and uneasiness torwards the thoughts and the ideas that my society imposed over me, and for this reason my true frienships have always been a few but deep. I’m an only child, my father died when I was eight and since then I’ve been raised partly by my mother and partly by myself. I graduated in chemistry in the year 2000 (but I had applied just dragged by a friend) then I started and dropped the course of informatic technologies at Milan’s university, deciding to throw myself into the world of work, where in a couple of years I changed as many sectors and roles as my interests and curiosities, without really knowing where to go and what to do, at the same time spending the money I was earning to travel at the discovery of the world: I visited Barcelona, London, Paris, Prague, Wien, Liverpool, Glasgow, Edinburgh, then Egypt, Israel, Jordan, then I gave myself to italian cities like Rome, Venice, Verona, Turin, Lucca, Siena, Como, Modena, Florence. Then 2005 came, the worst year of my life, when I realised I couldn’t bear living in my society anymore and all my despiteness towards the obtuse italian’s mentality exploded. I started hating everything about my country: the dirty government, the corrupt politicians, the hypocrite church, the bigot people: Everything. I left job, family and friends all of a sudden to fly over to New York City in look for fresh air and inspiration, and there for three months I lived one of the most richful experiences of my life, working hard, living for the present and learning to bury the worries about the future. After my return I spent one year in my hometown in a passive aggressive behaviour, then in September 2006 I decided to relocate to London where after a couple of months I successfully obtained a job in a corporate bank in the city, where I actually work, without knowing for how long… the path of a misfit is always blurry, after all.
Within my passions stand videogames, travels, photography, music and movies, and the sayings that make the pillars of my life are “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”, “You never stop learning” and “Memento mori“.